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Steps in Adding Password to Linksys Router

There are many safety precautions that you can do in order to protect your home or office network. When you are using Linksys wifi router, you can simple add a password in your network. In this way, any unauthorized invasions can be prevented. If your router does not have a password yet, you can use the following guide.

  1. Make certain your router is on and you just need to go to utilizing your personal browser on your desktop or laptop. Be sure it is linked to your router with whether wired or wireless.
  2.  Just keep the username empty and then key on the password area “admin. Click on “OK” button so you can be navigated at the router’s web installation web site. Just in case you can never login while using the default password mentioned and never recognize the custom one, you have to reboot your router.
  3. Inside the page, just click the “Administration” tab. At that time press “Management” tab which is located on the left part of navigation spot.
  4. You will currently produce the password of the router. Simply fill in the password to the “Router Password” spot and after that re-enter it for verification on the location provided. You need to remember the password you have keyed in. You will definitely reset once again the router to be able to connect to the launch page and directly into start of this action.
  5. Just press the “Save Settings” so your password could be saved. It is saved right away and also you do not need to restart your router. You will immediately login within your new password in order to carry with your connection on your own network.


Protect your modem router now from unwanted invaders from stealing your private information.