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How Corrlinks Can Be Use?

CorrLinks is the answer to prisoners who wanted to communicate outside the world in the fastest and easiest way. This program is owned by a private company offering an email system to use by Federal inmates. This is the most beneficial way of communicating for your loved one outside that cost only $0.05 per minute using corrlinks.com. Sending and receiving emails are very easy.image
Here are the tips on how you can use the system:

  • The email you can open with your CorrLinks inbox will consist of the specific identification code you received within the invitation email via the The code will generally compose of letters. Be sure that what email address you choose on registration is the matching email address the request was sent.
  • The system will deliver you an invitation along with the federal inmate name to inform you he or she likes to include you on the contact list. You totally have the choice to approve or reject it. But should you agree to, you can register using an email address and then the code you obtained. This code will expire 10 days once the day it was mailed. The inmate will promptly have a Corrlinks inmate email to notify that you agreed to the invites.
  • To subscribe, simply just view the program site at www.corrlinks.com. You will have to prepare the identification code and email address to enroll. Setting up a password might be important. Password ought to contain letters and numbers since it won’t be simple to guess. After subscribing, you might wait 20 to 40 minutes for the permission of your request.
  • Once you get a message with your CorrLinks account as well as have established a message alert, this system will notify you on the email given. All messages ought to go via supervising and may take 1 hour before you have the

For those who already have an account just visit Corrlinks.com login page now.